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All Members and Their Cars






Alan Cohnen and his 70 ½ Station Wagon



Andy Martinez and his ’60 Ranchero



Bob Gardner and his ’62 Ranchero



Bob Srofe and his ’65 Station Wagon



Bryan Minnick and his ’64 Falcon



Butch Hemmenway and his ’64 Ranchero



Charlie Sturm and his ’66 Econoline



Chris Zilko and his ’65 Falcon



Dan Hale and his ’64 Ranchero



Dick Gunn and his ’63 Falcon Convertible



Garry Leanhart and his ’65 Ranchero



Garry Leanhart and his ’66 Station Wagon



Garry Leanhart and his ’66 Station Wagon (Red)



Glen Moyer and his ’65 Hardtop



Jim Hartzog and his ’63 Convertible



Jim Priest and his ’65 Falcon



Kevin O’Brien and his ’63 Falcon Convertible



Kevin O’Brien and his ’65 Sedan



Ric Gregory and his ’64 Comet Convertible



Richard Binckley and his ’64 Falcon Convertible



Richard Hale and his ’63 Falcon Convertible



Roy Reed Jr and his ’64 Convertible



Roy Reed Sr and his ’64 Convertible



Todd Gaudin and his ’64 Falcon Convertible



Todd Gaudin and his ’64 Ranchero



Todd Gaudin and his ’65 Station Wagon



Tony Maine and his ’65 Mercury Comet